Nansenløkka Kvartal 1

Nansenløkka will become Norway's largest climate-neutral urban area. Transborder has designed the first quarter of this ambitious development.

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Architecture, residential






Completed Fall 2024


Siri Lundestad (partner in charge), Are Hagen (project architect), Karen Jøssang, Caroline Brandt, Peter Skråvik, Caspar Cappelen, Helene Velle Olsen, Selma Strandskogen, Vladimir Ilich, Maja Egge Sipus, Espen Røyseland, Øystein Rø

The focus has been to create a residential project with an urban character and urban qualities, as well as to facilitate good homes with attractive outdoor areas and shared functions. The aim is to create a calm but varied architectural expression that considers both public spaces, neighboring buildings, and qualities for the residents. The housing units vary in size from 36 to 141 m2, with a wide range of apartments (2-room to 5-room, as well as town houses). Emphasis has been placed on the homes having good, robust floor plans with clear zoning, facing south and west for as much daylight as possible into the apartments, good outdoor spaces/balconies, and good ceiling height. Apartments on the first floor towards the central street of the area have extra spacious floor heights to accommodate flexibility in relation to future functional changes.