Crossing New Borders
Gamle Munch

A fundamental challenge for society is the building industry's lacking ability to deal with the major crises of our time. The industry's gravitation towards risk reduction promotes repetition when the opposite is needed. Venturing beyond this limitation and identifying and exploiting openings in the system where new thinking can occur, is crucial. Transborder Studio marks its 10th anniversary with an exhibition showing a selection of projects that have shaped their practice. In its first decade, the office has traveled across physical, disciplinary, geographical borders and even time in the search to create inclusive and diverse cities. The first part of the exhibition illustrates this journey. The second part presents the processes behind three selected projects, each exemplifying strategies for creating change. Common to these projects is a method of using pilots as testing grounds for exploring new networks, forms, function, and technology. In various ways they contribute to solving fundamental challenges for our societies and cities.




Oline Haagemann Greve (project architect), Marius Soløst, Siri Lundestad, Maja Egge Sipus, Espen Røyseland, Øystein Rø


November 2023