Nye Kirkens Hus

Transborder is commissioned to design a new House of Church in the historic site of Oslo Hospital in the city’s old town. The new complex will consist of transformed hospital buildings, some dating back to 1739, and a new extension with offices and an open arena for cultural activites, meetings, a cafe and exhibition areas. The House of Church will be home to several organizations within and affiliated with the Norwegian Church. The red brick clad façade draws parallels to the old Franciscan monastery on which the hospital is built upon, as well as the many ruins of the nearby medieval town. The façade is partially open and partially sealed, giving the building a distinct character signalling openness and warmth. 


Type: Architecture

Client: Ekebergveien 1 (Clemens Eiendom, Stiftelsen Oslo Hospital)

Date: 2018

Status: Ongoing

Team: Øystein Rø, Espen Røyseland, Maja Egge Šipuš, Vladimir Ilich, Magnus Hermstad, Peter Brekke Skråvik, Simen Marzano Frey, Are Hagen, Margrete Bjone Engelien, Fredrikke Frølich, Espen Heggertveit  

Consultants: Lo:Le, Bollinger+Grohmann, Ingeniør Petter Nome AS, Fokus Rådgivning, Føyn Consult, Smith Wergeland Kulturbyrå